Digital marketing in Iran on development track

“An entrepreneur should keep in mind that today consumers are short of time and their world are encapsulated in their smartphones, which paves the way for digital marketing,” he explained.

Like other parts of the world, digital marketing in Iran is on the rise. Iranians have high affinity to technology and smartphone, which create a great opportunity for digital marketing and e-shops in the country.

Brand mentor Pirzad shed light on different aspects of management and marketing system in Iran.

Unfortunately, most companies and factories in Iran are based on traditional management systems. Hence, they face problem to provide and expand their services and products, he said.

To survive in a competitive world, they demand for professional business consultant to improve branding and marketing, which were disregarded during decades, he said.

He named the aged managers and CEOs as one of the most important weak points, which holds back companies in modern time.

“The old managers run their business in traditional system, which was efficient at least 30 years ago,” he lamented.

Iran’s business is also tackled with individualism, which is also an impediment for improvement, he added.

“Whereas innovation, research and development (R&D) and future studies are very important in modern business strategic planning,” Pirzad stressed.

“To develop our business we should implement fundamental changes, not mere imitation,” he said.

Pirzad pointed to newly run digital marketing implemented by young entrepreneurs with a high turnover as good examples for modern management systems.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are very important factors for initiating a business, he said.

“However one cannot disregard the importance of education and academic studies, which are adopted for business market as well,” he concluded.

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